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About LED Panels 

If you've recently been in an office building, healthcare facility, or pretty much any other commercial space you've likely come in contact with LED panel lighting. LED light panels are capable of providing the perfect lighting for almost any space and are quickly becoming the new industry standard. 

Our LED panels have a remarkably thin, lightweight design, making them a great option for ceilings made with drywall or drop-ceilings. We offer a wide variety of brightness and color temperatures so you can fine-tune the ambiance you're looking for in your space. 

Additionally, due to their lightweight design, our LED light panels typically allow for quick and easy installation, effectively reducing the number of labor costs you incur. 

Beyond that, LED light panel fixtures are incredibly cost-effective and energy-efficient. A mere 5% of the electricity is wasted as heat, whereas the remaining 95% is consumed into light, saving you a significant amount on your utility bills. 

Mounting options 

  • Back-lit panels 

  • Edge-lit panels 

  • Surface mounting 

  • Suspended mounting 

Back-lit panels 

 This type of panel has LEDs on the backside of the frame. Back-lit panels shine straight through the diffuser because the LEDs are pointing outwards in a direct fashion.   These panels typically call for a deeper housing method to ensure balanced illumination. 

Edge-lit panels 

 You probably guessed it! This type of panel's LEDs are on the edge, or side, of the frame. The light is emitted sideways, and instead of swinging straight through a   diffuser, the light is illuminated by a guide panel. Due to their ultra-sleek design, edge-lit panels allow for very flexible installation options. 

Surface mounting 

 With surface mounting, the mounting kit is installed to the surface you desire prior to the attachment of the LED panel. 

Suspended mounting 

 Suspended mounting requires that cables be attached to the desired surface (typically the ceiling). From there, LED flat panel light fixtures are attached to the cables     and  hang, giving your space a modern look. 

 Our Different Shapes and Sizes 

  • 1x1 LED panel 

  • 1x2 LED panel 

  • 1x4 LED panel 

  • 2x2 LED panel 

  • 2x4 LED panel 

*Most sizes of our LED panels are available in LED flat panel light and slim panel light concepts. No matter the size or style you're after, we offer a variety of the most     highly-rated LED lighting brands, such as Satco and Eiko, which are available in a plethora of different sizes and mounting styles. 

 Industry-standard models such as, but not limited to, the LED panel light 2x4 are available with an assortment of different accessories to accommodate almost   any lighting project.  

 Feel free to browse our different 2x4 LED panel options here

 Looking for something different? No problem! Our friendly team of experts can help you select the best model to accommodate your space and project. Included with   any lighting project is a free planning service that we offer to our loyal clients. 

 LED Troffers and Other Alternatives 

 Our 1x4, 2x2, and 2x4 LED panel lights are great choices for any commercial or office space, but if you're looking for something different, our clients tend to gravitate to     LED troffers. 

 A popular alternative to our LED panel lighting fixtures is our line of LED troffers, which are very similar to our panel light fixtures. 

 What's the difference between a panel and a troffer? 

 The most significant difference between panels and troffers resides in its physical figure. Troffers are typically thicker than lighting panels and usually call for a deeper   installation.  

 Furthermore, troffers generally have a higher limen efficacy than panels, so if you're in the market for a super bright lighting setup, troffers may be a suitable fit. 

 Looking for something else? 

 Though troffers are said to be the most popular alternative to LED light panels, we offer various other LED lighting options for any project. Consult with one of our   experts today if you're unsure as to which form of lighting is best for your project and budget!