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What is meant by halogen light bulbs? Put simply, halogen light bulbs operate on the same principle than incandescent lights, but they perform better. Halogen lamps use a different inert gas inside the bulb, such as iodine or bromine, which bonds with the tungsten filament inside the bulb to increase its life and maintain the envelope clear of residue. If both types of lamps have the same working principle, why pick halogen vs incandescent? In short, with halogen lamps the filament can be heated at a higher temperature than a standard incandescent lamp, which produces light with higher luminous efficacy and color temperature without having to increase the size of the lamp. Halogen work light bulbs are ideal for task lighting, generating high light intensity while using less energy. PAR bulbs and MR bulbs are very popular as recessed lighting halogen bulbs, coming in a wide variety of color temperatures, beam angles and intensity. Browse Lumenco’s collection of Type-A bulbs, single-ended halogen and Double-ended halogen bulbs and reflectors and find out how halogen lighting technology can contribute to your project.