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About Shop Lights

Shop lights are designed to provide reliable overhead lighting in areas where manual tasks are carried out. Most shop lights have a linear shape, and they use fluorescent tubes or LEDs. Their size can range from 2 to 8 feet, but 4 foot shop lights are the most common. These lights are characterized by being easy to install and connect, and they are often suspended from chains to offer some mobility.

  • LED shop lights have a higher energy efficiency than their fluorescent counterparts.

  • For example, 4’ LED shop lights consume around 42 watts, and they produce the same lighting output as 64 W fluorescent shop lights.

  • In this case, they achieve energy savings of over 34%.

LED shop work lights also have a much longer service life than fluorescent versions, which means you will save many lamp replacements over time. Many LED shop lights are rated for 50,000 hours, while fluorescent tubes must be replaced in less than 20,000 hours. By the time you have to change your LED lights, you will have saved 2 or 3 fluorescent lamp replacements.

Thanks to their versatility and easy installation, shop lights have applications in residential, commercial and industrial lighting. They are commonly used in areas like garages, workshops, storage rooms, basements and utility rooms. If you need reliable lighting for a damp environment, vaportight shop lights are also available.

If you need to purchase LED shop lights in Canada, Lumenco offers a wide selection of products from leading brands like Lithonia, MaxLite, TCP and Nuvo.

Are There Different Types of LED Shop Lights?

Shop lights have similar designs in general, but you can find several differences among products:

  • Length: 4 foot shop lights are the most common. However, sizes like 2’, 3’, 5’ and 8’ are also available.

  • Lamp type: Shop lights normally use fluorescent tubes or LEDs.

  • Enclosure type: Some shop lights are rated for damp locations, allowing their use in environments with humidity in the air.

What Are the Advantages of LED Shop Lights?

LED shop lights are easy to install, mobile and durable. Thanks to these features, they have many applications in homes and businesses. The following are some of their main advantages:


1) LED shop lights from quality brands have a color rendering index (CRI) of 80 or higher. The CRI is a lighting quality metric and the highest possible value is 100, which describes the quality of daylight. Lamps with a high CRI reveal the colors of objects and surfaces clearly, which is helpful when completing manual tasks.

2) The lighting produced by LED shop lights has a neutral white color, improving visibility. Their color temperature is typically between 4000K and 5000K, which describes a white color without yellow or blue tones - the ideal light color for manual tasks.

3) They have a potent lighting output. A 4-foot LED shop light produces around 5,000 lumens, which is equivalent to the lighting output of two fluorescent tubes.

4) LED shop lights can be installed in many different locations, since they can be mounted on surfaces or suspended with chains and hooks. The applications of shop lights range from garage lighting in homes, to workshop lighting in industrial settings.

How to Wire LED Shop Lights

One of the main advantages of LED shop lights is their ease of installation, and they don’t require complex electrical connections:

Shop lights are manufactured with a cord and plug, which means they can use any power outlet of the right voltage. Some of them can operate within a wide range of voltages, typically from 120V to 277V. The power cord length is typically 5 or 6 feet.

Most shop lights also include an ON/OFF chain switch, which means you don’t have to wire them to a wall switch. This is very convenient - you can switch LED shop lights without leaving the work area by simply pulling their chains.

They can be suspended with chains or mounted on surfaces, allowing their installation on almost any ceiling or overhead structure. Since they have a built-in cord and chain switch, LED shop lights can also be relocated with ease.

You can link LED shop lights in circuits, powering multiple lights with the same plug. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need a power outlet for each shop light. However, you should check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the maximum number of lights that can be connected together.


Are LED Shop Lights Safe?

If your building has a professional electrical installation, LED shop lights are one of the safest options for work areas:

LED shop lights operate at a lower temperature than HID and fluorescent lamps. LED fixtures only get slightly warm, which means they will not cause burns if touched accidentally. On the other hand, HID lamps and fluorescent tubes get very hot shortly after being switched on. The heat sinks of LED lights can heat up, but they are normally found on the upper side of fixtures, where they are less likely to be touched.

LED shop lights don’t use fragile bulbs or tubes. When an HID lamp or fluorescent tube is struck accidentally, it can break and release shards of glass over the work area. This is not an issue with LED shop lights, which can be manufactured without using breakable materials.

During a power interruption, LED shop lights can run longer with batteries. Since LEDs have a lower energy consumption than fluorescent tubes and HID lamps, they can run longer with a backup power source. This gives more time to remove any hazards from the work area and exit safely.